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Madonna Forum Forum Index -> Everything but Madonna -> Introducing Myself.....aka "rumgoatroses" /Hector

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  Everything but Madonna
Author Message
John Hector

Joined: 20 Feb 2009
Posts: 2
Location: Beaches Toronto

Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:59 pm
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Cool Very Happy Razz Laughing Smile
Greetings , Salutations And Hello y'all!
Saludos unto Lady Lousie aka Madonna !!!

My name is John Hector, Im from Beaches/Bluffs district Toronto Canada. I was first introduced to Moe at a night Club downtown T.O. Called at the time ( 80's) KATRINA's whereupon we danced( doing the bump of all things!!) and started a dialogue about MTV coming to T.O. as Much Music ( i.e. moses Z. newest channel # 79 way back then!!! which is now City Tv and CP24 etcetc.)...and how music was changing from its static state unto digital. Anyways...................
Im the story board artists and one of the artistic Directors for her Mtv dittys and tunage called VOUGE....EXpress Yoursef....and Rain...and my thoughts and idea's are still gleened and adoped as insirational and artistic productions to this day incogneato so to speak.
i believe my name is mentioned in the Confessions tour thank n yous huge listing at the end of the video show!!!!
Anyhow...... Idea
There's been many attempts by the both of us to gain some sorta meeting as such. I have had to go through a big spiritual renewal after three attempted suicides and three overdoses...then after my parents died....I finally got onto the Canadian Pension Plan and Ontario Disability Support Program due to my Aquired Brain Injury due to many head hurts dwtwn.
Throguhtout it all in my roller coaster life downtown t.o....She has allways in the most interesting and intrinsic fashion managed to find me , and will , ( as usual) suddenly appear outa no where and try to get my attention( which can be oddly difficult at time due to my a.B.i) Shocked
Back in the day it was usually in nightclubs or hot spots .
For the last number of yrs it has been in broad DAYLIIGHT weather i realise it or not!!!!!!!!! LOL!
The last time was when Madonna pulled her driver over in the big black SUV by my Gardens on Kingston Road and she actually asked me...If i need anything?????
Well I said a Guitar/ or computer or either or I-ther...and /or money!!!!
WE spoke of some things i cannot totally recall bout taxes, and my apt and what sticks out in my mind was her question about my Beads, which i didnt wanna show at the time for personal reasons of IFA religion and spirituality....( this has to do with religion and spirituality of yorubaland {ile-ife} in African ORisa Consciousness!!!!!!!
Then all of a sudden her driver moved along after some horn honking...and I think we noticed the no stopping or parking sign on the road...and to my angst and upsets.....they drove away.
Prior to that by about a year I bumped into Liz Rosenburg on Queen Street East nearby the Sunset Grill n she stopped me, shook my hand and said hello!!!!
Thank n you all for enabling as such.
For awhile i was haunting LAdy Liz's office at warner bros...by her email and phone numbers.
Then it occured to me that the last place i wanna tell my personal life about is unto a huge international publisiists such as LADY LIZ.
A promoter isnt equipt to answer question s about spirituality and what Moe and I have done or not done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolling Eyes
I have only tried to find out why MOE left suddenly after mentioning my elekes=beads and my involvement with Lukumi Church of Orishas in Bronx NYC...and trying to get a message to her personally is a daunting task to say the least.
But i can assure y'all that i know she pays attention to detail, and that she is a good an blessed person.
Thats also what Kaballah teaches us peeps here on earth so to speak!!
She reads her emails and follow s the many blogs both religiously and rightiously.
She will likely appear nearby me sometime , someway further down the road.
Heck i think even her daughter Lourdes said high to me once on Queens street east...as did her best PAL (BFFL)......GWen whom i didnt realize either at the time!!!!
Please forgive my upsets at my own disability...and lack of foresight at those times when i didnt realise you were right there.
ITs a condition that i cannot control sometimes , and thats why my brain scan qualfies me for a authentic disabiltiy...NOT some sorta pscychological illness...its an organic brain injury.
And THE FACT that MOE would take the time just to say high to me from her vehicle is a witness to the fact that her hearts in the right place.
I shun conflict and hatred.
I believe in gentle , wise, good CHARACTER.
Some how, some way some day...she will get back to me some day.....cause we dont do the living after mid night club circuits anymore !!!!
Im deep into the music of Santeria and Yorubaland IFA.
I just wanna say to y'all , and encourage y'all herein to make your dreams come true...anything is possible , and with a komrad like Moe......she will NOT STEP ON YOUR TOES......she will not lie to you...and she will never take anything from you outa spite or malice!!!!!!!!!!!!
She does indeed have a cynical sorta optimistical tough love attitude which i appreciate alot!!!!
Thank you all you Vouge fans!!!!
Go to the G Balls and its houses and see the video for the king and queen dance competions.
I was one of the primary casting directors for vouge by the way!!!!
And if any of you folks are herein.....
i like to say my very sincere and fond hugs and kisses!!!!!
hector st john aka rumgoatroses

Artistic Director for her MTV tunage and videos in the 80's such as Vouge/Express yoursef!!!
Air i am, Fire I am, Water , and Earth N Spirit Iam!!!!
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  Everything but Madonna
Author Message

Joined: 27 Feb 2009
Posts: 2

Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:20 am
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I really like mid to late 80s dance and new wave stuff like Pet Shop Boys, Expose, Information Sociaty, Duran Duran, A-ha, Samantha Fox and many others. I used to get so excited for those artists and everytime new songs came out from them. The good old days...I really miss it.

EMK Placental Skinecare and Ant Aging Products
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  Everything but Madonna
Author Message
John Hector

Joined: 20 Feb 2009
Posts: 2
Location: Beaches Toronto

Fri May 22, 2009 4:41 pm
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Yep...i hear yah man!!!!!!
ALOT of what we may see on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE AND AMERICAN.CANADIAN IDOL is just young branches compared to the roots of wherein WE are coming from.
TOO often I wonder bout the state of creativity and passionate intererets ..........verse's" money in the bank" re-hash,'N re-doing, re-working of the kind of Cool
CHOROGRAPHY and dance'N we styled and wrought in the 80's to tunage like VOUGE.
ITs too bad that today there are so many youth whom were just babes in diapers when we were doing it to it .
AS one of THE CASTING directors and storyboard artists AND
Chorographer for VOUGE( and others like Cherish the LOVE etc etc) its totally befuddling and ammusing to watch other's mimic and plagerize my Arts and Crafts.
As a matter of fact........ Idea
IM not flattered that Blake ( the acrobatic model/dancer) decided for reasons beyond my logic...... Confused
re-iterated, and re-produced the very chorography that id invented for the Vouge dancers........ Shocked Right down to the wire....I..mean like Exclamation
He even got the dancers to stand one behind each other to imitate my storyboard picture of the hindu goddess with many arms!!!!
IS MTV so vapid and without musical invention nowadays that they cannot produce the kind of tunage and arts n crafts that we had in the 80's?????
ARe they that jet lagged and without any ideas of their own??????
I was the one whom suggested to Moe that for the RAy of Light tour she get a brazilain wax and put on a gym dancers body suit with heels!!!
WELL to top it off and add insult to injury......it was reported the other day on some celeberity gossip shows ( gawd knows they seem to all follow the same script ie tmz).......THAT ladies in Hollywood are flocking like seagulls to wear the same outfit nowadays ,and how this allegedly was instigated by LADHY GAh-GAH!!!!!!
AGain......... Twisted Evil NOT new !!!!!!!!
The Good ol Dayz can be again at our finger tips if we have the courage and the tenacity to think for oneself, and be creative and self assured enuff to INVENT something different.
THATS WHAT THE 80's was all about !!!!
I have yet to see 2 dzn artists nowadays lay it down like we did in the 80's!!!!
Oh yeah there are a few vaunguards and taltented folks out there BUT.......Paying homage to Vouge without giving props is just plain ol sly and coy and self deprecating.
Lookit at the mtv clips of Express yoursef and even Rain...........whom has the tenacity nowadays to supercede and go beyond the pale model runway walk n talk and conjure up something totally new and inventive!!!!!
They wonder nowadays why i dont wanna get in the car with Blake, Puffy, or Justin.........and a truck load of supermodels doing what we did in Vouge fresh, original and authenically cool , classy and fun!!!!!
Anyone younger than 33 is likely going to take issue with me bout this!
But the fact still remains that there are not as many one hit wonders because of it!!!!!!
It was IN style and fashion to be way out and experimental like MIA and I......but who knows......nowadays all yah have to be is picture perfect , and heck ya can pop out off a peacock featered egg doing vouge!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked
Im very very reluctant to rub shoulders with any celebrity for that matter nowadays....just because they seem to have run out of creativity and want to extrapulate and reformulate the OLD SCHOOL ....without giving credit where its due.
Thats why I went back to my first love and higher calling of IFA religion of Yorubaland !!!!!
The Good ol days!!!!!!!
hector st john

Artistic Director for her MTV tunage and videos in the 80's such as Vouge/Express yoursef!!!
Air i am, Fire I am, Water , and Earth N Spirit Iam!!!!
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